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SATISFY A SWEET TOOTH AT THE CAPITAL CANDY JAR - Flats 130 at Constitution Square Blog


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Are you craving something sugary and sweet? If so, check out The Capital Candy Jar! In business for more than 34 years, you’ll find gourmet chocolate, chocolate-covered Oreos, peanut butter cups, popcorn, nuts, lollipops, and more as you shop around. Whether you want to pick up a bag of yellow cheddar popcorn and Belgian chocolate for yourself or get chocolate-covered pretzels for a friend, expect to find something yummy.

They have special gift boxes you can order, filled with treats inside. The boxes range from Dark Chocolate Lover to Milk Chocolate Lover, Deluxe Holiday, and Chocolate Lovers Deluxe. Each contains not one but multiple delicious items that will tickle your taste buds. Take, for example, the Milk Chocolate Lover. You’ll get to enjoy a container filled with caramel popcorn, milk chocolate-covered pretzels, two milk chocolate Oreos, milk chocolate peanut butter cup, and milk chocolate caramel cloud. It’s an ideal present for anyone who has a sweet tooth. 

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