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Crazy Golf, Fun & Drinks at Swingers!

Sure, mini-golf is fun. A good activity for family, friends, and first dates. Calm, relaxing, and with some light competition, too. But, what if mini-golf was more exciting? What if mini-golf had cocktails, street food, and live music? Well, guess what- Swingers is exactly that place! It’s the mini-golf you grew up with, but also…

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Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Coming up on Sunday, May 8th is some people’s favorite holiday- Mother’s Day. For anyone who didn’t know that already, it’s probably because you already celebrate Mother’s Day every day! Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate and thank your mother for all of the hard work she does day in and day…

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Best Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Every May 5th, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo! The celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French during the French-Mexican war in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated through parades, festivals, folk dancing, fiestas, and food. But, one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is to honor Mexican culture, community, and traditions. Explore a…

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Start Your Saturday with a 5K at the Broccoli City Fit Fest on May 7th

The spring weather is here to stay, so it’s time to shift your fitness routine outside. Set a new rhythm for your spring and summer workouts by participating in the Broccoli City Fit Fest. Hosted by Broccoli City—an organization determined to create a healthier and more sustainable future for Millennials, Gen Z, and everyone beyond—the…

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Thomas Sweet: Get a Taste of the Sweeter Side of D.C.

Enjoy the impeccable scent of freshly brewed coffee while indulging in a tasty bite of sweetness at Thomas Sweet, located in Downtown Washington D.C. This trendy, yet sophisticated coffee shop combines premium grade coffee with freshly baked sweets, and treats. Not only do they press and roast their own coffee beans daily, but they also…

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Come on out to Cuba Libre, an authentic Cuban-inspired restaurant and rum bar in Washington D.C.

The traditional and authentic Cuban cuisine, Latin-inspired décor, and a dance party with a dazzling light show every weekend is what really makes Cuba Libre restaurant and rum bar a must-see! Chef Guillermo Perno curated an exquisite Cuban menu full of traditional favorites and new Latin-inspired dishes that your taste buds will go crazy for.…

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Indian Spices and Flavors Come Alive at Z&Z Manoushe Bakery in Washington D.C.

In an effort to prove their parents wrong, the Americans really do enjoy Indian cuisine, the owners of Z & Z Manoushe Bakery opened up a small, little bakery with big dreams in the capital city of Washington D.C. Z&Z Bakery has been successfully in business for more than 3 years now, truly a dream…

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Experience a Once in a Lifetime Italian Meal in the Very Heart of Washington D.C. at L’Ardente

Experience the exquisite moment of dining in a true, Italian bistro at L’Ardente. With thick wooden tables, rustic Italian decor, and the smell of freshly baked pizzas wafting about in the air, you will never want to leave this incredible dining experience! At L’Ardente, you can experience a unique taste of the Mediterranean without ever…

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